Amendment to date of AGM and Soup & Stories evening

An incorrect date was given for the AGM and Soup & Stories evening in the last blog post.

The correct date is Tuesday 16th August.



AGM and Soup & Stories evening

Aoraki LIANZA invites all our members & those interested in LIANZA to an evening of Soup and StoriesSoup

We’re bringing together a fantastic collection of speakers from across Canterbury’s library community to tell their stories and showcase what libraries and librarians in our amazing region have been doing over the past year.

And we’ll be trying to deliver our presentations in Ignite style

If you have a story to tell, please let us know.

A short AGM will take place before the presentations.

Please join us for soup and refreshments

August 16th, from 5:30 pm for a 6 pm start.

CORE Education 142 Kilmore Street, Christchurch

RSVP for catering and AGM apologies

021 622 972

Please print and display this invitation on your staffroom noticeboards.

Quiz Night

Aoraki LIANZA presents

Quiz Night!

Prizes ! Fun ! Food!
When ? Tuesday 26th July from 6:00 pm (Quiz starts 6:30 pm sharp)
Where? The Cashmere Club 50 Colombo Street Christchurch
How much? Free entry; First 2 drinks free*; Free nibbles
Everyone welcome! (not only LIANZA members)
Limited to 15 teams of 4

RSVP by Friday 22nd July with your team name to

*Beer, wine, softdrink, or fruit juice

Aoraki LIANZA Committee news

Aoraki LIANZA committee news


The Aoraki LIANZA Committee said farewell to three members this year. Lorna Smith, our Chair, has returned to the UK. We will miss Lorna’s enthusiasm, and energy. Dean Alexander is returning to Dunedin, and Rachel Huston has resigned from the committee because of other commitments. Rachel has been a member of the committee for several years and has done a fine job of looking after our finances. Sarah Fraser has stepped into the breach as Chair. (Thanks, Sarah! You’re a star!)




Chair Sarah Fraser Library Assistant (Content and Service Delivery) Lincoln University (Also a casual Library Assistant at the University of Canterbury)




Regional Councillor Paula Eskett Knowledge Curator, CORE Education



Treasurer Christine Grant Coordinator Content & Collections, Selwyn Libraries



Secretary Caroline Anderson Library Assistant University of Canterbury


Katherine Moody Information Librarian Christchurch City Libraries


Craig Murray Acting Head of Department (LAIS) and Service Delivery Coordinator Lincoln University


Anna Keir Library Assistant Timaru District Libraries – working between Timaru, Geraldine, and Temuka Libraries


Anton Angelo Research Data Coordinator University of Canterbury

We profiled our current committee members and found out their answers to some of life’s important questions:

What’s your motto in life?

Sarah: Follow your dreams and passions, and don’t be afraid to take chances.

Paula: Ask for forgiveness not permission.

Caroline: Push buttons until it works.

Craig: The only silly question is the one not asked … for it will never.

Christine: Laugh, learn, love.

Katherine: Stay curious.

Anna: Be kind. Be present. Live simply.

Would you rather have a beautiful house and an ugly car, or an ugly house and a beautiful car?

Craig: Beautiful house and an ugly car.

Katherine: A beautiful house and an ugly car.

Sarah: Probably beautiful house, ugly car – means I’d have my own house then. Although, would I be maintaining it or some magic little fairy?

Anton: If you saw my car, you’d know I put a lot more work into my house!

Christine: I used to say I would rather have a comfortable home where I feel myself and a car that gets me where I want to go – but I have just got a fab new car so….

Paula: A beautiful house … but actually I’d prefer to live in an average house and travel lots.

Caroline: A beautiful house. (I’m working on this!) I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla, but it has done only 50,000 kilometres, and the battery keeps going flat because I prefer to take the bus.

Anna: A homely house and a reliable car thanks!!

Given the chance, with whom would you like to exchange roles for one day?

Anna: My sister, who lives in France. Then I get to spend a whole day with my lovely 8 month old niece.

Caroline: The Duchess of Cambridge. I want to know what it’s like to wear her beautiful clothes, shoes and jewellery, but I wouldn’t want to live her life.

Paula: Brené Brown.

Christine: Um…

Anton: My dog.

Katherine: One of the historic hut conservators at Scott Base.

Sarah: I’d love to be Scarlett Dawn. She’s already admitted to having a number of completed works waiting to be published. If I was her then I could send all her files to myself and then I wouldn’t have to wait for them to be published.

What one thing would you take with you to a desert island?

Anna: Water (boring but so necessary!)

Katherine: An aeroplane – probably with virtual / short take- off and landing.

Christine: My husband.

Craig: Sunscreen.

Anton: The Internet.

Paula: Sunblock.

Sarah: Kindle with unlimited battery life and unlimited books.

Caroline: A hotline to Bear Grylls.

If I had and endless supply of money, I would…..

Anton: Set up a research institute to treat diseases of poverty, and give away any patents or IP.

Paula: Set up funds and initiatives to support parents and whānau with children in hospital for long periods of time.

Christine: Sit down, brainstorm and make a long list…

Anna: Travel.

Katherine: Travel, research, give money to libraries and museums (the latter with strict conditions).

Caroline: Give all the homeless in the world, including cats and dogs, a home, clean water, and good food.