Te Hāpua Halswell Centre visit

On Tuesday 29 November we were treated to a tour of the fantastic new Te Hāpua Halswell Centre. Although the swimming pool looked tempting on such a warm evening, we resisted the urge to plunge in and instead were treated to a tour of the amazing facilities by Pam and Dan, followed by a presentation from Dyane Hosler (Community Libraries Manager). We also had the opportunity to play and explore in the interactive learning centre. Some of us tested our musical talents on the electronic drum kit and keyboard, whilst others dabbled with the 3D pens and learned some basic programming skills playing with strange little electronic bugs called Bee Bots. It’s amazing how uninhibited adults can be when presented with toys! I can imagine that children would have hours of fun there and would have to be torn away (we certainly experienced that problem with some of the adults).


While everyone was listening to Te Hāpua’s journey (which has only just recently celebrated its one year anniversary) the committee was in the tearoom preparing supper for everyone. Once we had gotten to grips with the combination microwave oven (don’t we just love all this new technology) we enjoyed a tasty supper, followed by Secret Santa gifts, which were unwrapped with much anticipation.image

Waiting at the bus stop handily situated outside, I reflected on how quickly our public libraries are changing and adapting to the new models in order to continue to engage and inspire users, and how fortunate we are in New Zealand to have so many talented staff who are agile in embracing so many changes.


Many thanks to Dyane, Pam, and Dan for hosting us at the end of their busy working days!